“ We are here to upgrade your skills “

Control Pooyan 's training service serves to  motivate employees of customer organizations to upgrade their skills and thereby maximize the utilization of system assets.

We provide a variety of training curriculums for Yokogawa, Siemens , Emerson , Honeywell , HIMA & ABB  products covering topics ranging from the fundamental aspects and applications of measurement and control technologies to IT and maintenance training.

We are committed to providing our customers the support they need with strategic human resources training and development programs. 

We provide extensive training for all levels of plant personnel to maximize the benefits of control systems and integrated solutions for your enterprise.

The training program includes product and system overview, detailed system configuration, maintenance, operator and fundamentals of safety and process control.

The customer can choose out of the wide range of standard training courses. Courses that are project specific can also be arranged. In all cases we provide the training equipment. Moreover, we can arrange the training course to be conducted at the customer site. 

Yokogawa Training courses


  • Centum-VP Engineering
  • Centum-VP Maintenance
  • Centum-VP Operation
  • Centum CS3000 Engineering
  • Centum CS3000 Maintenance
  • Centum CS3000 Operation
  • Centum CS3000 Batch Engineering
  • Centum CS3000 Sebol Programing


  • Introduction to safety systems
  • Prosafe-RS Engineering
  • Prosafe-RS Maintenance
  • Prosafe-SLS Engineering
  • Prosafe-SLS Maintenance
  • Prosafe-SLS HIPPS


  • Fast/Tools Engineering
  • Fast/Tools Advanced Engineering
  • STARDOM Engineering


  • Modbus & Modbus simulator


  • OPC Engineering

Siemens Training courses

  • SIMATIC S7 Programming Basic
  • SIMATIC S7 Programming Advanced
  • SIMATIC S7 Troubleshooting
  • TIA Portal SIMATIC Programming
  • SIMATIC PCS7 Basic
  • SIMATIC PCS7 Advanced
  • SIMATIC WinCC flexible

Emerson Training courses

  • Communication Interfaces with the DeltaV System
  • Control Loop Foundation
  • DeltaV Advanced Control
  • DeltaV Advanced Control – Custom
  • DeltaV Advanced Graphics
  • DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting
  • DeltaV Implementation I
  • DeltaV Implementation II
  • DeltaV Insight
  • DeltaV Operate for PROVOX
  • DeltaV Operate for RS3
  • DeltaV Operator Interface – Batch
  • DeltaV Operator Interface for Continuous Control
  • DeltaV Safety Instrumented System with Electronic Marshalling Maintenance 
  • DeltaV Safety Instrumented System with SLS 1508 Maintenance  
  • DeltaV SIS Implementation
  • DeltaV Systems Administration for Windows 7 and Server 2008
  • DeltaV Systems Batch Implementation
  • DeltaV Virtualization
  • DeltaV™ Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Maintenance
  • DeltaV™ SIS Implementation
  • PlantWeb/DeltaV Introduction
  • Fieldbus Systems and Devices

HIMA Training courses

  • Functional Safety
  • SILworX for HIMax
  • SILworx for HIMatrix
  • ELOP II for HIQuad
  • ELOP II Factory for HIMatrix
  • Planar 4 

ABB Training courses

System 800xA

Honeywell Training courses

Experion PKS Engineering

  • System configuration
  • TPS system / PKS server
  • Graphic Building 

Experion PKS Operation